Wedding Koozie Sayings

Great Sayings For Wedding Koozies


So you are about to get married? Or maybe a loved one is about to get married? Or maybe someone you dislike is about to get married and you want to support them making the wrong choice?  I hope the last one is not the case, but if it is, so be it :).

Well, If you are looking for the right wedding favor… Brides… or are looking for the right gift for the bride and groom, look no further than Customized Koozies! The OBC loves marriage and loves helping people who want to get married, that is why we have a certified team of personalized koozie designers for all occasions.

Last but not least, if you are looking for divorced koozies, well, cant help you there…

Here are some of our favorite wedding says, note, there are many many more.  Just call Sophia if you want some different one…

1.  To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold.

2. A good marriage happens if you fall in love many times…. but always with the same person.

3. Marriage is great, but so is cold beer.

4. Great men say love is blind, wise men say, marriage will open your eyes.

5. Married by a judge, but in need of the jury.

6. In our house, the man is the boss, the wife just gets to make the decisions.

7. Married DATE – The beginning of the end SAME DATE.

8. Don’t yell at me yet, we have only been married since XX/XX/XXX.

9. Keep your hands off my beer and XXXX’s wife, they got married XX/XX/XXXX.

10. Marriage, cant live with them, cant kill them.

The Foam Wedding Koozie Pyramid... but at the Bachelor Pad.

The Foam Wedding Koozie Pyramid... but at the Bachelor Pad.

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