Wedding koozie ideas

My Fantastic Idea

Being a wedding planner I come across strange and unusual requests all the time. However this request given by my current bride Julia was very fun and something I would have never thought of doing before. She told me she wanted me to order Personalized Beer Koozies for the guests as party favors. As I started looking into different kinds of Kooziez I knew I wanted something original and not too tacky. That is when I stumbled upon my brilliant idea of making Black Kooziez with white and gray ink design in the form of a tux and wedding dress. And on the back it would have a picture of The bride and Groom with the specifications of the wedding. Once I ordered them and saw a sample of what they would look like I knew that Julia would be one of the happiest brides ever for they would be the best wedding take home favor that her family and friends have ever seen.

Tux and Wedding Dress Koozies

Tux and Wedding Dress Koozies

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