Wedding Koozie Designs

What to Choose

Weddings are always such a crazy time. Rushing to get things done and making sure that everything you ordered turns out perfect. Since we had the idea of ordereing Koozies for our wedding the only thing left to do was to figure out exactly what kind we wanted to order and what we wanted them to say.  We thought about doing a black koozie with white ink but then decided that was too predictable and we wanted something more fun and out of the ordinary. And then after giving it much thought we finally decided to make the koozies pink which would match the color of the brid

My Pink Koozie

My Pink Koozie

es maid dresses. We also thought it would be cool to get a picture of us actually printed on them and now when everyone would drink their beer they would always think of us and the amazing time they had at our great wedding!

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