Water Bottle Koozies

Water Bottle Koozies – are for LOSERS! Drink Beer Save Water! Just kidding – at the OBC we print what our fans demand – period. Water bottle koozies are great for anyone who has health and water on the mind, actually – this should be EVERYONE. The Koozie fits almost all styles of 12-20 ounce water bottles and with a clip-on strap it will never be lost or misplaced. Last but not least, might the OBC add, it works damn good for 12 ounce beer
bottles as well J.

Water Bottle Koozies are PERFECT for – Church Groups, Fund Raiser, Health Clubs, Book Clubs, Sports Teams, School Booster Department, and avid health nut J

Water Bottle Koozies colors

Water Bottle Koozies are available in the following colors: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Lime Green, Camouflage, Navy, Royal Blue, Purple, Fuschia, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Burnt Orange, Yellow and White.

Water Bottle Koozies prices

Quantity Ordered Price per koozie
25 – 50 $1.84
51 – 100 $1.74
101 – 300 $1.64
301 – 500 $1.44
501 – 750 $1.39
751 – 1000 $1.34
1001 – 2000 $1.29
2001 + $1.24
Collapsible Fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
Water Bottle Koozies