Walk Away Sharrod!

The recent firing and rehiring of Shirley Sharrod has been smeared all over the news lately. ¬†Fox says that she has been inclined to walk away from the USDA’s meagre offer, but in a sober assessment she shouldn’t even consider returning to government work at all. Her boss dropped her at the slightest inkling of suspicion, they don’t even offer her old job back, and to boot the job they do offer is to work on “Discrimination matters.” They’re so afraid of purported discrimination that they discriminated in firing her immediately, then they ask her back to correct the organization’s discrimination matters? Give me a a break!


Of course, the things she had said seem inflamatory when taken as they were in that pre-packaged audio smear clip by Andrew Breitbart. But come on here people, this guy was a known perpetrator of this type of character asassination. The axe fell without doing about 90 seconds of patient Googling that would have saved the Obamites from yet another painful backpeddle.

Sharrod’s publicity, her obvious dedication to her job, and that touching farmer’s testimonial (I’m hoping we don’t find out THAT was taken out of context!) make her a good candidate for countless jobs in both the public and private sector. But I’m hoping that she declines the USDA’s offer for a more principled reason – that you realize the true colors of the people you know by how they deal with a crisis, and their actions this time can be discribed as no better than walking all over her, no matter how you slice it.

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