Koozie Central Blog Day 21:

I cannot tell you how often people ask me how I can possibly work, I mean seriously work in a climate like Panama.  The sun shines every day (especially during the summer months), the weather is warm, it’s tough to find a reason NOT to go to the pool or beach.  Funny enough, I never could come up with a concrete answer.  I always just kind of shrugged my shoulders and responded with the generic “Oh, you know… cause I like personalized koozies (huh?!?!!)”

Being in Denver in the middle of some record low temperatures and winter weather (schools are closed for goodness sake!), I now finally have my answer.  My crazy little body has, for some reason, had  difficult time adjusting to the time change.  I have consistently woken up at 8 am since arriving in Colorado about 4 days ago (6am local time).  This is ordinarily late for me, but as we’ve been “enjoying ourselves” quite a bit, this is totally on par.

The Glaring Reasons

6 am in Denver, CO looks like:

Dark – maybe the sun is starting to eek up, cold (yes, it LOOKS cold), scraping car windows, snow and/or slush, chilly bathroom tiles, cold fingers, many layers of clothes, packing a bag to go to the gym before work and traffic

6am in Panama City, Panama:

Sun has just risen, dew on the grass, bright sunshine, a cool 80 degrees, palm trees, going for a run along the bay, shorts and a t-shirt, walking to work no matter the time of year.


Work, Travel, Play

Koozie Central Blog Day 20:

Travel Comic

The absolute most wonderful perk about having an online personalized koozie website is the mobility of it all!  It is so exciting to be able to work and travel at the same time!  Crazy you say?  No work ever gets done on vacation?  It’s actually been a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.  One of the advantages to travelling in a different time zone is, not only am I an early riser, but here I can wake up early, get my work done and by the time everyone’s up and ready to go so am I!

It’s certainly taken quite a bit to be this disciplined and I definitely value all of the time I spent in high school being told I had to finish my homework before I could go out.  It’s given me a work ethic I’m proud of and has definitely helped this online venture grow!  While I’ve been less disciplined about blogging, orders are picking up and I’m looking forward to a super great 2011 for this koozie site!