Building Koozie Pages Like It Is Going Out Of Style

Building Koozie Pages Like It Is Going Out Of Style

So I am going to keep my koozie blog short today, I have been writing all day trying to build pages for all the OBC users.  You see, at our website, we want things to be complete. We want the user to have all there koozie needs right at there finger tips.  That is to say, they get the opportunity to build their perfect koozie for their perfect party.

We like to offer custom koozie designs, great customer service, personalized attention, and everything else under the sun to make you happy.  If you are not, we will give you your money back.  We promise.  It is our customer pledge and we sign our koozie constitution to keep everyone happy.

So,enjoy the pages, they are not easy to build, even though the site is made by word press.  We love koozies, and we love you, enjoy.

Elvis Presely Singing For  A Koozie

Elvis Presely Singing For A Koozie

Online Beer Coolers Is Here

Online Beer Coolers Is Here!!!

We are excited here at, we have just finished the developing of our site and now we are making it live! That is right, you can buy your koozies now through, or as we like to call it, the OBC.

What do we think about ourselves here at the OBC… Well, we are about a few things, beer, parties, good times, memories, and of course custom koozies.  You see, life is short, so party hard, have a good time and take some darn memories with you to the grave.

That is our philosophy, not only about life, but about how we run our company. We like to have fun and fun is all about your state of mind… at the OBC, we plant in our employees to sit back, relax, and have a good time.

So, enjoy our new site, call us, tell us what you think and of course… stay covered, party hard!

Koozies at the OBC

Koozies at the OBC