Koozie Central Blog Day 21:

I cannot tell you how often people ask me how I can possibly work, I mean seriously work in a climate like Panama.  The sun shines every day (especially during the summer months), the weather is warm, it’s tough to find a reason NOT to go to the pool or beach.  Funny enough, I never could come up with a concrete answer.  I always just kind of shrugged my shoulders and responded with the generic “Oh, you know… cause I like personalized koozies (huh?!?!!)”

Being in Denver in the middle of some record low temperatures and winter weather (schools are closed for goodness sake!), I now finally have my answer.  My crazy little body has, for some reason, had  difficult time adjusting to the time change.  I have consistently woken up at 8 am since arriving in Colorado about 4 days ago (6am local time).  This is ordinarily late for me, but as we’ve been “enjoying ourselves” quite a bit, this is totally on par.

The Glaring Reasons

6 am in Denver, CO looks like:

Dark – maybe the sun is starting to eek up, cold (yes, it LOOKS cold), scraping car windows, snow and/or slush, chilly bathroom tiles, cold fingers, many layers of clothes, packing a bag to go to the gym before work and traffic

6am in Panama City, Panama:

Sun has just risen, dew on the grass, bright sunshine, a cool 80 degrees, palm trees, going for a run along the bay, shorts and a t-shirt, walking to work no matter the time of year.