How to Keep your Beer Cold

Summer’s just around the corner…Do you know how to keep your beer cold?!?

That’s right folks…Summer is practically here, which means it’s time to start sipping that icey cold brew while hanging out on the front porch, enjoying the lively array of grasshoper symphonies as the warm summer breeze makes the grass lazily sway back and forth…I bet you’re in la la summer land now, right?!?

Well, let me bring you all back to reality for just a second…Houston, we’ve got a problem! –> We’ve got to keep our beer cold! Although you may think this feat is simple (just throw the brew in the fridge), keeping a beer cold can pose a formidable challenge as outside temperatures increase. Also, you don’t want your hand to freeze off! However, I have some advice:

  • Buy personalized koozies from, the low cost providerfor high quality koozies on the Web! – A koozie is an insulated holder for keeping drinks cool (typically beer or soda), while keeping the person’s hand warm and dry. It’s pure genius! What’s more, you can personalize your koozies in a bazillion different ways, from style to color to message to fabric…The possibilities are endless! Visit for more information!
  • Freaky Girl with Three Cans

  • Have a mini fridge with you at all times – Although this solution may be ideal, it’s not practical. Unfortunately, mini fridges are bulky, heavy and must be plugged in.
  • Make sure your hand is always freezing – Although this option would undoubtedly keep your beer cold, it would also lead to frost bite and the eventual loss of that limb. And, what’s more important than the limb you use to drink icey cold beer?!?