Koozies at the OBC

Custom Koozies @ The OBC

People ask me – what is the deal with the OBC?  And all I have to say is Custom Koozies are what we are about!

You see, everyone loves custom koozies and no one more than this guy!  I have worked at various custom koozie companies around the world and I can say that by far and away the OBC is where it is at…

People then ask me – well, why do I need Koozies – it is November 7, 2011 and is it not about to be winter?  Well folks, I got news for you – Winter is not just a great time to drink a cold beer – it is the best time.  Snuggle down on the couch – crank up the fire place – crack a cold one – cover it with a koozie and you have nothing to worry about.  Your hand stays warm and your beer stays cold.  Enough said!

Saint Nick Likes Custom Koozies :).

Santa Claus loves custom koozies!

Santa Claus loves custom koozies!