Black Friday… I miss you?

Koozie Central Blog Day 9:

Black Friday Funny

Doing my due diligence this morning watching my daily Good morning America (thank goodness we get ABC!), reading my daily New York Times, checking with fave Perez Hilton and seeing what’s hot in Google Trends.  Surprisingly, it made me quite nostalgic!  I saw a great deal of publicity surrounding the upcoming Black Friday and began to yearn for the days I worked in retail and the days before that when I obsessed over retail.

Am I Crazy?

Most retail workers might say I’ve lost it, that I’m crazy and need to have my head checked but I really do miss working Black Friday.  Sure, it’s insane, a swirling mass of shopping hungry people trying to get their hands on every deal they possibly can but it’s exciting!  There’s no “downtime” on Black Friday.  All day long it’s “Go! Go! Go!”  You’re the shopper’s guru.  You’re giving advice right and left.  You’re helping to fulfill Auntie Joan’s, Cousin Justin’s and Grandma Harriett’s dream gifts this holiday season.

Koozies and Black Friday

While it’s true, I do still work in sales and some may even say online retail, there’s just no Black Friday when it comes to koozies :).  There’s no rush for the latest color or deal. There aren’t people bombarding the site demanding they get their 50th koozie free – those are reserved for major electronics and clothing sites like Best Buy and Target.

You may not be jumping for joy or even planning on leaving the house this Friday, but if you do want to buy koozies – a super fun and creative way to celebrate and commemorate this year’s holiday parties – I’ll be at my computer all day and will gladly offer a discount to those who are interested ;).  Simply post a comment and I’ll respond within a few hours.

Go Team Kooz!