New Online Bid Site – Too Good To Be True

So, this new online site (similiar to called is offering unbelievable deals on products that almost sound to good to be true. They are doing a major marketing push to gain traffic… There alexa rank is up at 2500; which is not bad but it is definilty not the traffic that sites like score.

I am not sure exactly how it works, how they make money, or if the deals really do come through – but buying an ipad for 11 dollars does sound to good to be true.  I am going to sign up for an account to see if they are the real deal, I might even off them some free custom koozies to see if I can get some credit at their site.

I am going to try the site out for a month or so and then see if I can score a deal or two.  I will report back to you all later. might need some custom koozies might need some custom koozies