Order Form

Koozie Central Blog Day 24:

Computer Comic

Embarking on the venture to create a website that sells personalized product (i.e. personalized koozies), one can never even dream of the amount of time that is spent in choosing something so seemingly simple as a color scheme.  Hours and hours are spent agonizing over justification, available pages, order buttons and the placement of various links and objects.  I cannot even begin to explain the amount of changes we’ve already made to the site.

So our order form was started a little over a year ago.  We went from a basic ordering system with many glitches (where did people’s art go?!?).  This brought us to a order form with very well written code but aesthetically and basic user-friendliness slightly lacking.  A new age is born, the order form goes color and has various steps and pages involved.  Unfortunately, the pages are convoluted, the information is not consistent throughout the pages and various costs and amenities are not properly calculated.  This brings us to order form 4.0.  We are so incredibly very close!  It is supposed to be launched today but our FTP is doing a funky chicken dance.

I can think of another acronym for FTP that is not very polite and I’m so anxious to see it live!