Gettysburg Address And My Little Brother

Koozie Central Blog Day 11:

The Gettysburg address, perhaps one of the most well known speeches in the history of the United States of America.  Though it may not have been Independence Day it still makes me feel awfully patriotic when I hear the opening lines.  It makes me proud to be American. It makes me reflect.

An Interesting Metaphor:

When someone makes fun of your little brother, you get angry, so angry, you probably see red.  You can make fun of your brother all day long and when your mom yells at you and sends you to your room, you say “It’s not fair!” and stomp all the way up the stairs.

Tying together the Metaphor

This is similar to my first (and now second) experience living outside of the U.S.  Our initial move was motivated by the political climate at that time (I hesitate to comment further as my goal in this blog is not to alienate but to share personal experiences related to moving to and setting up a business in a foreign country).  This second move was prompted by convenience with regards to my husband’s job and living and work opportunities that were not available to us in the U.S.

I often get confronted with “The U.S. should do this…” discussions which make my blood boil, make me angry, make me so angry I see red. Embarrassingly enough, I have to say I did this the other day. I imposed my opinions on a country I have experience with but not nearly enough to judge in the way that I did.  Reading the articles on the Gettysburg speech in today’s publications has made me realize that at the top of the list on “Things I need to learn…” is humility.  It’s okay to not have an opinion in every single discussion and it’s okay to not agree or to not even vocalize the disagreement.  After all, haven’t I picked on my little brother enough times to let someone get in a jab or two at me?

Gettysburg Address