Personalized Koozies For Winter

When Should I Buy Personalized Koozies?

The million dollar question huh?  You know, people often assume Koozies are to keep the beer cold – well folks I have news for you – Koozies also help keep your hand warm.  Lets say you are sitting around a BBQ on a cold fall day – You have your gloves off so you can cook, add charcoal, or whatever – and you reach to pick up you beer – yep – not good – warm hand on a cold beer in the middle of a dark fall night – No fun… So the answer to the age old question is a simple one.  Beer Koozies, are for every day, every climate, every hour.

Trust me – having a handy beer koozie is a nice thing to have whenever, wherever, whatever the beer might bring.

Whether you are ready to watch Brandon Marshall on a Monday night game or you are ready to host a wedding – personalized koozies are your answer.

Brandon Marshall Screaming for a Koozie

Brandon Marshall Screaming for a Koozie

Hank Williams Gone From Monday Night Football?

Hank Williams Might Have Sung His Last Song

So if you have not heard, Hank Williams might have sung his last song.  Hank is in need of a cold beer and a personalized koozie.  You see Hank did something pretty dumb.  He got on Fox and Friends and compared our current president – Barak Obama – to quiet possibly the most vile man in the history of the planet – Hitler.

I am not sure if Williams is a confused racist or just dumb. Now, I like Hank, and I love his music but I do not agree with a comparison of Hitler to Obama.  That is just a little over the edge.  Now the singer of a Country Boy Can Survive may not survive…See video below

Hank Williams Singing about Personalized Koozies


Well, Hank – it might be time to take your foot out of your mouth.  With that said, I do not think Hank is racist – he is endorsing Herman Cain for President – which makes it a little hard to be racist – So Hank – think before you speak.

Online Beer Coolers Has A New Koozie Look

Homepage Koozie Look

So Online Beer Coolers, also known as the OBC, has a new home page look.  Do you like it?  We hope so.  OBC runs thousands of tests and surveys each year to gather data to create a better koozie center.

Koozies are for everyone and we want to create a site that you can enjoy.  Buy your koozies from OBC and you will be a happy customer.  If not, you will get your money back and guess what, you get to keep your koozies.

OBC is for everyone, come join the new way to order Koozies.

Buy Personalized Koozies

Where can I Buy Personalized Koozies

Well folks, you are in luck.  You are looking at a page that will tell you all about buying Personalized Koozies. Koozies are great, matter of fact, they are AWESOME. Nevertheless, they are even better when you buy a koozie that is personalized. Personalized Koozies come in various styles, colors, and can be printed in various ways.

Many people like the most common option, which is screen printed. Screen printed koozies are generally printed in one color (although, it is possible to print them in multi-colors as well) and are usually personalized with an image and or text and or both.

Personalized Koozies are perfect for all types of people and parties. Many business man buy their koozies for promotional items and or to keep their image, logo, brand in front of the customer.  Many brides buy their koozies as wedding favors.  Many host buy their koozies not only to keep the beer cold at the party but to remind the guests of their special day.

Koozies rock – bottom line!  However, when you personalize your koozie, you add a twist that everyone will love.  In today’s world with 7 billion people – having a personalized item gives you a nice touch!

Buy Personalized Koozies

Buy Personalized Koozies


Building Koozie Pages Like It Is Going Out Of Style

Building Koozie Pages Like It Is Going Out Of Style

So I am going to keep my koozie blog short today, I have been writing all day trying to build pages for all the OBC users.  You see, at our website, we want things to be complete. We want the user to have all there koozie needs right at there finger tips.  That is to say, they get the opportunity to build their perfect koozie for their perfect party.

We like to offer custom koozie designs, great customer service, personalized attention, and everything else under the sun to make you happy.  If you are not, we will give you your money back.  We promise.  It is our customer pledge and we sign our koozie constitution to keep everyone happy.

So,enjoy the pages, they are not easy to build, even though the site is made by word press.  We love koozies, and we love you, enjoy.

Elvis Presely Singing For  A Koozie

Elvis Presely Singing For A Koozie

Online Beer Coolers Is Here

Online Beer Coolers Is Here!!!

We are excited here at, we have just finished the developing of our site and now we are making it live! That is right, you can buy your koozies now through, or as we like to call it, the OBC.

What do we think about ourselves here at the OBC… Well, we are about a few things, beer, parties, good times, memories, and of course custom koozies.  You see, life is short, so party hard, have a good time and take some darn memories with you to the grave.

That is our philosophy, not only about life, but about how we run our company. We like to have fun and fun is all about your state of mind… at the OBC, we plant in our employees to sit back, relax, and have a good time.

So, enjoy our new site, call us, tell us what you think and of course… stay covered, party hard!

Koozies at the OBC

Koozies at the OBC

Our First Ad

Koozie Central Blog Day 17:

KoozieZ Ad on BeantownBrideLeaps and bounds my friends, is growing leaps and bounds.  This month brings us the premier of our very first paid advertising online!  The beautiful wonderful site of has put our 125×125 ad in the top right of their ad column and we couldn’t be happier!  Through I’m able to keep track of how many impressions the ad has made as well as how many people have clicked through to our site.

I’m proud of our growing little koozie company each and every time I tell someone to go on and checkout our ad!  The team at BeantownBride has been quite supportive of us as well and we sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to work with such a positive company.

Here’s to and the future!

What is a Beer Cooler?

What is a Beer Cooler?

Have you heard about beer coolers?  They are clever little devices which are used to cover beer cans and bottles and keep your beer cold on a summer’s day? They are most commonly made of an insulating material such as fabric or neoprene. These beer coolers are more commonly known as koozies. Koozies are used to keep your drinks containers cool.

Beer Cooler for a Bottle

Beer Cooler for a Bottle

When Should I Use a Beer Cooler?

While you can have a plain koozie for everyday use, it is great to have custom-designed koozies for special sport events and parties such as your superbowl party or your wedding. Nowadays, beer coolers or koozies are widely used by various companies to promote their products and services. It is an affordable way of advertising. Koozies are being used not only for insulation purposes but also as a gift items and souvenirs.  It is a good idea to decorate a koozie with special type text or pictures. They can be used in place of a greeting card at Christmas or any other special occasion. Because koozies are so light and portable, you can easily send them gift to your friends and relatives.

Beer Coolers are great for keeping your beer cold

Beer Coolers are great for keeping your beer cold

What Other Purposes are there for a Beer Cooler?

A personalized koozie or custom designed beer cooler is a great way for you to promote your business. You can place your company’s logo on the beer cooler and use it as a corporate giveaway for your customers.  Perhaps fill the koozie with your own personalized pens and other items.  A koozie is a great idea if your company is sponsoring a special event, like a golf tournament and you are looking for an affordable souvenir to give away to the participants.

How to Buy Beer Coolers Online?

You can purchase beer coolers and koozies online, decide which images to place on the koozies and they will be delivered to your home or place of business, ready in time for your event.