Wild NFL Weekend – Cam Newton Rookie of the Year?

Cam Newton Rookie Of The Year

I know that only about 6% of the NFL season is complete – but I am ready (as a fan) to give the rookie of the year award to Cam Newton.  Are you kidding me?  Did a rookie really just throw of 422 yards against a pretty good secondary?  Yes, I know he has Steve Smith and Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen and Armanti Edwards…. But Cam Newton is FOR REAL! So buy your Cam Newton Custom Koozies Now!

So, I was watching the game yesterday and what impressed me most was his ability to stay in the pocket, stay cool, and find the open man.  I would think that Cam Newton (a very fast QB) would get happy feet and try to make the play himself… But I was mistaken, matter of fact, I thought he should have actually left the pocket more often… This is hard to believe that a rookie QB who likes to run would have this problem. Panthers, you should be happy Andrew Luck staid in school.  I am not trying to give out awards just  yet – but all in all – you have a good one.  I am going to wait and see what Newton has in store for us next week against the defending Super Bowl Champs – but I was IMPRESSED.

OK – back to printing custom koozies.

Cam Newton wins some Koozies

Cam Newton wins some Koozies