The Art of Communication

Koozie Central Blog Day 26:

Email Comic

I’m not ordinarily one to toot my own horn (no pun intended and on second thought, yes, I actually am), but my email communication skills are quite solid.  My email skills have developed since email made a big splash on the “aol” scene, I’ve made enough faux pas, as well as taken advice from some excellent e-communicators so that I feel comfortable saying that I am an excellent “emailer”.  Responses to client/possible client emails are usually organized in number form, for longer answers, and neat concise paragraphs for shorter answers.  My contact info. is  always readily available in more ways than one and I’ll even go so far as to color code (bold, italics, etc.) if I think that will help the reader to more clearly understand the answers to their questions.

Why do we send emails?  It is an efficient and recorded way of communicating that is almost instantaneous and can be a highly productive way of doing business.  Why do I say can be?  If you don’t check your email regularly and/or respond to the emails completely, it entirely defeats the mode of communication.  Writing well thought out (note, not time consuming, simply well written) emails saves all parties involved a good deal of time and often hassle.

The point of this blog is to comment on various aspects of my day to day business life and my experiences of starting an online business,, from scratch all while living outside the USofA.  One thing that continues to elude me is how one can be involved in/dependent upon various web aspects without taking advantage of these very aspects of the web that contribute to your businesses’ success.  I am, as we “speak” starting a formal daily log in which I summarize, every 15 minutes, what activities I’ve worked on.  Why? In order to become even more efficient at what I do.  I simply cannot understand not having some type of “smartphone” if running a successful online business and cannot begin to comprehend a lack of consistent email checking.

Please also be sure to understand, this is not so much a space for ranting as it is a space for musing.  Yes, I do get frustrated but I more try to look at those frustrations as an opportunity for learning rather than a sticking point that prevents me from moving forward (after, of course, the initial five minutes of loud expletives aimed at my computer).

C’est la vie.  It is my job to figure out how to be more efficient, not to force people to change.

Gimp Rocks

Koozie Central Blog Day 16:

Before beginning this online personalized koozies venture, I’d always feel slightly left out when someone would refer to “blogging”, the “online community” or use fancy words such as “pixels”, “banners” or “ppc”.  These may now be words that are fairly commonplace, but I sincerely feel as though my generation is part of an interesting bridge.

It was easy enough for me to get by in High School with just your typical typing and basic Microsoft classes and it was just as easy for me to go through college taking a basic HTML class and being happy that I could change the background color.  It seems as though my fellow generationers (sp?) could make a choice whether they’d like to know more about the world wide web or not.  These days it seems like my niece at age 5 knows more about my computer than I ever will.  I suppose this is how our parents felt when the car phone first came out.

While it may sound frustrating or even difficult, I must say I relish in the fact that I have previously known next to nothing about online “ishes” and basic graphic design (as applicable to koozie sales and wordpress).  each time I learn something new it’s a small (

who am I kidding, GIGANTIC) victory.  Last week I worked for 2 hours on a small banner.  It was 125×125 and is 2 pink squares, with white text and some light background “texturing”.  I took an online tutorial from a most helpful member of Etsy who throughtfully posted a step by step on how to create a banner in Gimp.  I layered, I aligned and I saved as .jpg and felt as though I’d conquered the world.

Check out the ad on and let me know if you think my minor Gimp victory was worth it!