A New Office

Koozie Central Blog Day 27:

Here I am sitting in my brand new shiny office!  It was quite the fanfare when I first arrived to this lovely shared facility as it was a) a holiday and b) we got locked out of the office for my very first few hours. Silly me!  Having finally received a set of keys as well as a stern talking to on how not to lock one’s keys in the office I have arrived!  Got my new double-screen work station, a wrap-around desk and all the coffee I could ever hope for.  I can just feel the productivity ooozing from my fingers.

My Latin American co-workers were thrilled with the personalized koozies we handed out!  Genius!  A big hit all around and some promises to connect to friends in key places associated with marketing accounts for major local companies.  If just one person comes through I’m going to be pretty excited!

In addition to being a special work day (my third official day in the shiny new office) today is my birthday.  It has been so fun to receive phone calls and chat about all of the progress kooziez.com has made over the past year. As we enter into our second year of official existence (well official in the sense that we started having the capacity to take orders on the web) I am really excited about where this company is headed!  It’s a wonderful time to be associated with this fantastic start-up company and I can’t wait to see what summer has to bring!  Graduation koozie time just around the corner!