My First Button

Koozie Central Blog Day 15:

Little by little I’m starting to teach myself little ways that I can add to the blogs I manage.   Hurdle 1 was creating the blog post.  How best to write a blog post, how to organize it in a way that’s appealing to readers and how to create keywords that are attractive to search engines so that more than one person reads my blog (Hi mom!).

Hurdle 2 was experimenting with the settings.  Figuring out which keywords were best to use, what wording to use in my summary and how I wanted to present my blog to the world.  This went through several edits before I came close to semi-liking something.  Let’s call this a work in progress.

Facebook Like ButtonHurdle 3 was yesterday’s triumph.  I’d like to put Facebook like buttons (boxes?) on blogs in order to increase our page popularity on Facebook. Yesterday I saw success!  While it may sound completely straightforward and look easy to do, this is coming from someone who’s most important activity in computer class was sitting straight to flirt with the boys ;).  Some people really learned computers, computer systems, html, excel, etc. and I, well didn’t.  Which is why, every little thing I learn on the computer is a really big deal for me.  So yes, I poured myself a glass of wine last night and celebrated the little victory that is, one of my blogs now has a facebook like box.  Yay me!