Presenting: An Order Form

Koozie Central Blog Day 25:

Internet Comic

Hoorah!  This morning at 1am has officially launched its shiny, new order form!  Replacing the most recent 3rd version of the form, this 4th version promises functionality, a user-friendly feel and easy to read explanations of all charges, options, etc.  Clients are prompted on each page to contact customer support for any and all questions they have making the “security blanket” never far from their finger tips.  Here at we will guarantee that each and every customer is loved and taken care of in the best possible way and made to feel apart of our koozie family.

Personalized Koozies: A new ease of ordering

Some of the more exciting changes are:

1. The design options page:  Easy to read buttons are neatly organized in order of ascending costs.  Once an option is selected either more options will arise (i.e. in the case of a clipart selection) or clients will be prompted to head to the next step.

2. Delivery date:  A large beautiful calendar is available with easy to read numbers and a concise explanation of shipping costs.  Clients can click around and select the delivery date that best suits their needs.

3. Ship-to information:  It is now completely clear that this section is merely to be used to calculate shipping costs.  The summary at the top explains that you will not be prompted for payment information until after they have received an order summary.

Fantastic!  I have sent it to close friends and family for their review.  I’ve looked at it so many times, a fresh pair of eyes are certainly welcome!  Got a little time on your hands?  Check out the personalized koozies order form and let us know your feedback.