Spammy Pammy

Koozie Central Blog Day 5:

The hurt…

I really and truly do take offense to it! I am not spam. Please do not mark me internet “powers that be.” It feels like I need to go to a support group. The first time it happened I was so shocked, so offended, I wanted to call up Mr. Google and say “Hey!” Well, I didn’t really have a developed speech but it was definitely going to start with that Hey and forcefully might I add.

The Pain

Our email accounts were initially hosted with company x. Turns out, as soon as we started getting orders and corresponding with interested clients, BAM! Spam City! It started happening slowly. Someone wouldn’t receive an email. They’d write a second more angry email asking why I hadn’t responded and I’d write them back from my gmail account. I’d forward the initial email just so they could see that I really and truly had made the effort. It’s still not the same. It got so bad towards the end, I couldn’t even send emails to most people that had used the contact form to contact us! I would send an email and immediatly receive a response that my email was “undeliverable” and had been “rejected” by the receiver’s inbox (or something more appropriately computer speak than that).

The Solution

I just want to make you the perfect koozie! I’m not spammy pammy! I’m J and I want to provide you with the best possible customer service I can. Needless to say, we’re now being hosted through a different company and the issue has been resolved up to 98%! Yay! The moral of this lesson is, definitely do your research before deciding on a hosting company for your email addresses. If you will be doing a majority of your communication via email, it’s best to go with a company that has a great repuatation amongst the inboxes and other hosting “people” around the world.


Have you had a similar experience?