Me, my order form and I

Koozie Central Blog Day 8:

It’s easy, when I’m at the mall with my husband, for him to say “Just get any black dress, who cares, what’s the difference?!?” He’s frustrated, he wants to go home and he really doesn’t understand the difference in designers much less in the intricate styles and implications of the LBD.

LBD=Order Form

This is how I feel when I try to find someone to update our order form.  It seems “simple”, “straightforward”, something that given enough time even I could figure out.  Lucky, I’ve at least had enough experience in my work life so far to never assume that anything is a simple as it seems.  Though I may think it till the cows come home, I would never tell someone “this should be easy.” Gwyneth Paltrow LBD

Finish my order form please!

That being said, we are having a tremendously difficult time getting someone to complete our order form to satisfaction.  We want something clear, simple and straightforward that computes all of our formulas correctly and makes our customers feel confident in our abilities.  We want to be in the big leagues with the top guys but still be personal; we want our order form to reflect this.  Why go with someone bigger when you can have all the class and service with a smaller and more personal company.

The search continues…