Hank Williams Gone From Monday Night Football?

Hank Williams Might Have Sung His Last Song

So if you have not heard, Hank Williams might have sung his last song.  Hank is in need of a cold beer and a personalized koozie.  You see Hank did something pretty dumb.  He got on Fox and Friends and compared our current president – Barak Obama – to quiet possibly the most vile man in the history of the planet – Hitler.

I am not sure if Williams is a confused racist or just dumb. Now, I like Hank, and I love his music but I do not agree with a comparison of Hitler to Obama.  That is just a little over the edge.  Now the singer of a Country Boy Can Survive may not survive…See video below

Hank Williams Singing about Personalized Koozies


Well, Hank – it might be time to take your foot out of your mouth.  With that said, I do not think Hank is racist – he is endorsing Herman Cain for President – which makes it a little hard to be racist – So Hank – think before you speak.