The Day Frustration Takes Over

Koozie Central Blog Day 18:

There are many, many wonderful benefits to living and working not only outside of the country but in a sunny, warm tropical one as well.  There is nothing more satisfying than watching an NFL game in January seeing the snowfall in Green Bay and sitting at an outdoor bar watching the game on a flat screen drinking a Corona while yachts softly bump the dock behind you.  The even better

Isla Contadora - Panama

part about having a job/company like this one is I can even bring my laptop to said bar and work while watching the snowy game with the ocean breeze blowing around me.  It feels utterly luxurious to be sitting on a tropical island beach, working in my bikini

while stationed under a giant umbrella drinking a frosty beer with a personalized koozie on it (very important in this climate!).

However, there are days and there are days.  There will be those days no matter where you live, but it definitely does not make them any easier.  This past Friday was a day.  We have an office computer.  This computer has all of the Corel 11 files installed, gimp files, and the part of gimp that can read .eps files (very complicated – I have unsuccessfully installed Ghostwriter on my computer twice now).  My laptop only has Corel 9 so it cannot read the Corel 11 files.  I am also just starting on my path to becoming a fabulous graphic designer so I still find it quite challenging to say, turn something black.  Well, Friday was also a pay day – which means traffic is insane.  So lazy me, takes a cab to work (about a 25 minute walk/5 minute cab).  I sat on traffic, obvi.  I get to work and there is no functioning internet in the area.  So the only computer that can read these files is completely non-helpful and of course since there’s no internet I can’t even do some work.  I end up going to 3 different internet cafes (apparently my computer is fussy about which routers it will connect to) sit in traffic for a total of 2 hours (I wore very non-practical walking shoes) and arrive home back at square 1 and 2 hours late on the start of my work day.    Those are the days when living and working abroad makes me want to hide in my air conditioned bedroom with some wanton soup and take a nap.