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So I’m sitting on my couch using my laptop, surfing the web like there’s no tomorrow since Football season isn’t looking too promising. I’m not really interested in Baseball because the game’s too slow and I practically fall asleep, even when I’m invited to one. Finally, I came across an article related to Hockey and it seems like the Pittsburgh Pinguins are big news this year! I’m also not really a fan of hockey, but it’s definitely more interesting and exciting than Baseball, specially because of the speed and brawls.

You see, when I was a kid my Dad bought me this movie called, “The Mighty Ducks” starring Emilio Estevez and some unknown stars, who actually grew up to become really popular. After watching the movie for the first time I became obsessed about playing Hockey and made my Dad buy me roller-skates, a hockey stick, a street puck, and helmet. I made all my friends watch it whenever they’d come for a sleep over, and soon after had enough followers to play in the alley. I also learned the Anaheim Mighty Ducks named their team after being inspired by the movie.

Now that I’m much older it seems immature to suit up for Hockey in a place as hot this one. So instead, I grabbed a cold beer and wrapped it with a foam koozie, kicked back and watched hockey highlights of brawls and power-plays in YouTube. Go Paul Kariya!!! Oh wait, he retired… Didn’t he?