Working from Home

Koozie Central Blog day 2:  This would perhaps be a lovely time to inform you readers out there that while this may be labeled “day 2” it is more so that there is a consecutive way of seeing the posts.  It is not in actuality “day 2” but it is indeed day 2 of my post.  Suggestions for a better labeling system welcome.

Work From Home

On this wonderful day 2, I am overjoyed that my company has a flexible “work from wherever” policy.  Owning certainly has its perks as does the invention of the internet.  The blackberry has only sent me further spiraling into a hole of technology that I will never be able to crawl out of if the sun explodes, the satellites stop working and I’ll no longer be able to access the internet on a beach in between surf breaks while drinking a Corona.  Wait, wait, wait what am I saying????? I don’t surf.

I feel coldy, my nose is stopped up, my ears are stuffy and I wish it was colder so I could eat chicken soup without breaking into hot sweats… but alas, on this 92 degree bright sunny day, I find myself in bed with the flu and none too happy about it.  Until I realize, I don’t even have to beg a day off!  I can work from my bed!  Oh joy!  I’ve found the greatest secret in the world – I’m a busy little bee even if I am in a reclining position!

Working from home