Dancing With The Stars

Bono and Grace

Man, this Dancing with the Stars is getting out of control.  You have Bono on one side who had a sex change operation and on the other side you have Nancy Grace, wearing things that she should not frankly wear.  If you watch the Daily Show today you can see a good mockery of Grace and Fox News… you can check out the episode here, it is the 3rd clip, Daily Show.

Now, I am not one to ridicule our media, nor am I one to ridicule our society – nevertheless, I think it is going to be funny one day when future generations study our shows to see who we – the United States of America was in 2011… I mean, think about it… We drink beer out of koozies, we watch a transgender woman (nothing wrong with this by the way), compete against a legal analysis who is tough on every crime (especially child pornography) have a dance off where her nipple slips out…

That is all I can say about that!

Nancy Grace looking for nipples and Koozies

Nancy Grace looking for nipples and Koozies