Microsoft Excel vs. Me

Koozie Central Blog Day 3:

My childhood was during an interesting brink in technology. My husband and I often marvel at how different our “growing up” experiences were in the few short years between not having a cell phone in high school and having one. There’s a world of difference between the A-Team and the Ninja Turtles. I imagine siblings, spouses and grown-up friends felt this way when discussing their childhood experiences with color and non-color TV available.

Specifically I refer to Microsoft Word and the many programs it has available for the laptop and PC. I remember floppy discs and playing Oregon Trail during computer classes. Microsoft Excel was explained in basic terms if at all. It was mostly for creating organized tables and helping out with math equations teachers didn’t want you doing on the computer anyway otherwise “how would you ever really learn it”. The same rational in not allowing a calculator until Middle School.


This brink I refer to is in schools that placed an importance in learning Microsoft and its programs and those that didn’t or left it as the student’s choice. I chose “No” and consequently want to throw Excel out of the window each and every time I am asked to create a spreadsheet. I prefer my calculator and scratch paper method. It’s safe (probably just because I know how to do it) and I’m used to it. There are those of us in our almost 30’s who love Excel and there are those of us who loathe it. My only computer class post high school was basic HTML. Never having any use for complex Excel equations, I squeaked by never having learned it. I’ll be starting a Microsoft tutorial later this month and am looking forward to documenting it. You should too. It will theoretically make this business venture 20 zillion times more smooth and efficient. Stay tuned.

Check out and let me know if you think my efforts are working!