How DropBox Changed My Life

Koozie Central Blog Day 4:

There are aspects of my business that make me wonder how I ever could possibly accomplish them without the invention of something. I’m apparently deep in thought these days about technology and its impact on my business. Why is it that I’m so proficient at using my Blackberry but can’t figure out how to properly create a functioning table on Excel? What basic principles was I not paying attention to in grade school?

Lucky the technology wonder I’m speaking of is so user-friendly that my parents access it on a daily basis. The one and only dropbox. A free (open source?) program that has made my life and my business so streamlined, so efficient, so positively accessibly that I wonder how we could ever be in business without it? The lives of thousands and thousands of trees saved due to the lack of printed paper. Hours and hours of pen and paper correction fixed at the click of an enter and save button.

Dropbox allows me and people I choose to share folders, with to access documents that we can share, correct, save and access from any computer at any time. If I install the application on my desktop, I can access my documents even when I’m not connected to the internet. I create the invoices and my partner creates the art. Together we access the client’s folder and communicate with a series of notes on their order details sheet. So organized and so well documented the chance of an error is slim to none.

Have any questions about Dropbox? Ask me! My work space possibilities are virtually unlimited and if there’s one thing I love, it’s flying to Brazil to visit my family at the drop of a hat ;).