Our First Ad

Koozie Central Blog Day 17:

KoozieZ Ad on BeantownBrideLeaps and bounds my friends, KoozieZ.com is growing leaps and bounds.  This month brings us the premier of our very first paid advertising online!  The beautiful wonderful site of BeantownBride.com has put our 125×125 ad in the top right of their ad column and we couldn’t be happier!  Through buysellads.com I’m able to keep track of how many impressions the ad has made as well as how many people have clicked through to our site.

I’m proud of our growing little koozie company each and every time I tell someone to go on and checkout our ad!  The team at BeantownBride has been quite supportive of us as well and we sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to work with such a positive company.

Here’s to koozieZ.com and the future!

Gimp Rocks

Koozie Central Blog Day 16:

Before beginning this online personalized koozies venture, I’d always feel slightly left out when someone would refer to “blogging”, the “online community” or use fancy words such as “pixels”, “banners” or “ppc”.  These may now be words that are fairly commonplace, but I sincerely feel as though my generation is part of an interesting bridge.

It was easy enough for me to get by in High School with just your typical typing and basic Microsoft classes and it was just as easy for me to go through college taking a basic HTML class and being happy that I could change the background color.  It seems as though my fellow generationers (sp?) could make a choice whether they’d like to know more about the world wide web or not.  These days it seems like my niece at age 5 knows more about my computer than I ever will.  I suppose this is how our parents felt when the car phone first came out.

While it may sound frustrating or even difficult, I must say I relish in the fact that I have previously known next to nothing about online “ishes” and basic graphic design (as applicable to koozie sales and wordpress).  each time I learn something new it’s a small (

who am I kidding, GIGANTIC) victory.  Last week I worked for 2 hours on a small banner.  It was 125×125 and is 2 pink squares, with white text and some light background “texturing”.  I took an online tutorial from a most helpful member of Etsy who throughtfully posted a step by step on how to create a banner in Gimp.  I layered, I aligned and I saved as .jpg and felt as though I’d conquered the world.

Check out the ad on beantownbride.com and let me know if you think my minor Gimp victory was worth it!