Here at OBC we take your security very seriously, both in protecting you from malicious software and keeping your information safe from prying eyes. We pledge to you, the client, never to release, share, or sell and personal information that you enter into our site to anyone. is scanned daily for viruses, bugs, worms, or malware of any kind.

All our payments are processed through Paypal or Google Checkout, including payments by credit card. This means that we never see credit card information that comes through our site since cards are processed directly through their secure third-party billing system billing system. We never keep credit cards on file.

Our site has an Extended Validation (EV) level SSL certificate for online purchases, meaning that everything you enter is encrypted to protect your identity.

If you ever think that your security has been violated, we’ll be happy to look into it. Please contact us via phone at 518-964-1021 or SKYPE: obeercoolers to speak with one of our customer representatives.

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