Personalized Coozies

Personalized Coozies

What is the #1 reason why people order personalized coozies?

WOW!!! Tuff trivia question, so tuff actually that I don’t even know the right answer! Charities, Graduation Parties, Advertising, Weddings, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Company Functions, I think all of the above are the most popular!

I am sure Coozie Masters would argue the #1 reason but I am not getting into it. ;p

Coozies that are personalized and custom are more respectable and people love to show them off. The OBC loves to give the Coozie People of the world the chance to design their own custom coozie. We have lots of customers that like to put a silhouette of a friend or family memeber on a coozie for their party. Silouhettes look awesome in white ink on a black neoprene koozie and they last forever. We can put just about everything on a coozie and we always aim to please.

Koozies making the Party

Collapsible Fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
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