Personalized Coozie

Personalized Coozie

A personalized coozie can be given to a special someone as a well thought out gift. We all know the main ingredient in a good gift is the thought. That is why the OBC gives the customers the opportunity to design and personalize their very own coozie. When we say personazlied we don’t just mean you can pick the coozie style and color but actually customize the coozie to put whatever they want on it.

Companies like to put their logo on coozies  and give them to clients instead of business cards to give them a new marketing edge. People are definitely more often likely to pull out a coozie than a boring business card.  Every company that tries this new edge marketing tactic is pleased with the results.

Have your company contact us regarding their personalized coozie order. One of are Koozie Specialists would be pleased to work with you.

THis guy took personal and koozie to another level

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