Personalized Coolies

Personalized Coolies Are Great For Beer Chill Protection


Beer Chill is no laughing matter.  Beer chill refers to the coldness of the frosty beer that is being drunk by the consumer.  A warm beer is worse than a hang-nail.  To protect beer chill one may use what is known as a Beer Coolie.

Beer Coolies can be bought at a number of online sites, but there is only one real beer coolie and that my friend is brought to you buy OBC.

At the OBC each employee signs a beer constitution in order to protect beer chill.  We are here to protect and to serve.  Similiar to the police force in your neighborhood.  Now you Beer Coolie may not stop a bullet but it sure can stop your beer from getting warm.  Keep you beer chilled with a Koozie from OBC you can even personalized the koozie if you like :).

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