Lime Green Koozies – The Hit of the Summer

Summer is Here and the Hot Color Is Lime Green

Lime Green Koozies are the hit of the summer.  Everyone from brides to executives are picking lime green koozies to represent their wants.  Some still go with green koozies or royal blue koozies, but all in all the suprise hit of the summer of 2011 are lime green koozies, especially collapsible neoprene.

These koozies have been flying off the shelf like a cold beer on a warm sunday afternoon in the south. Then again, lime green is such a powerful yet neutral color. If you dont love lime green and or a koozie – you should be taken out back and shot.  Koozies rock, especially when they are lime green.  I am not saying you can’t pick other colors (we at the OBC don’t see racism in koozie selections); but if you want to pick a sure winner, go with lime green – you want regret it!

Jersey Shore loves Cheap Koozies

Jersey Shore loves Cheap Koozies

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Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
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