Leaps and Bounds

Koozie Central Blog Day 14:

As I’m sure you can imagine, custom koozies season follows closely with wedding season and the events and holidays of spring and summer.  They make the perfect accent to any type of outdoor function and are an economical way to make a personalized statement.

July and August saw some of our highest traffic days yet, until this past week in December!  We haven’t had a day so popular since July which tells me 2 wonderful things.

1. KoozieZ.com is on the up and up!  Our traffic, that’s it’s the “slow” season seems to be increasing.

2. If this is our traffic during the slow season, our traffic is surely going to be even higher during the high season!

This past high-season was pretty intense and lots of fun!  We had really just gotten the company off the ground and began intense focused efforts on our order form (still perfecting but getting better each time!).  My co-worker and I were working almost round the clock and were still having to contract out much of our design work.

I’m happy to report we’ve streamlined the order process, on our end, considerably and have each gotten quite proficient at Corel Draw, Gimp and Publisher.  He is considerably more proficient than I am but I do so love matching customers with “their” fonts.

KoozieZ.com is my little baby and has continued to make me a very proud mama :).  Here’s to the holiday season and the upcoming New Year!

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