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Koozie Central Blog Day 22:

Still on the move here in Denver, Colorado and temperatures have been record breaking lows.  One day I didn’t even leave our friend’s house the entire day!  -8 are you kidding me?  It is literally 100 degrees warmer in Panama.  My fingers are literally stiff as I type this!

On a warmer note, just received word that our new fancy personalized koozies order form is just days away from being completed!  Customers will now have various pay options, an easy to read order summary page as well as various other streamlined features that make the order process as a whole, much more user friendly!

Project number 2?  Optimizing our web page to cater to the needs and feedback we’ve received from clients and family members thus far.  We’ll be trying to focus more on a “boutique website” approach in order to convey our personalized cozy vibe.  While this is always how we’ve done business, we’d like our site to convey this to new clients.  During this web page optimization we will also be looking into landing pages to accommodate some new google adwords and wedding adwords campaigns.

Any and all ideas welcome :).  Check out and let us know what you think!

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