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Best Slogans for a Start-Up Business

Slogans, they are as important as the product we sale, sometimes, even more important.  Slogans are the anchor, the cornerstone, the keystone of all marketing campaigns.  A good Slogan can sale a bad product; however, a good product cannot be sold by a bad slogan.  What makes a good slogan?  Slogans can be anywhere from short – long, catchy – mundane, informative – vague, serious – funny, motivational, etc.   So what makes a good slogan?

Slogans are like haikus, they have limited number of words but want to convey a complex message and maintain their catchiness, or, better said, the desire to “stick to the mind of the possible buyer”.  Consequently, slogans can’t have it all; thus, they creators have to make a decision; which is more important.

Informative – I LOVE the slogan for AA – To our Members, we are the Fourth Emergency Service.  The Slogan is very informative and simple – the potential buyer of the product knows exactly what the product offers with the slogan, as almost all potential buyers that can afford the service, know the other three – Police, Ambulance, Fire.  The Slogan also has a good catchiness, that is to say, it sticks in the brain of the potential buyer – why, because all sane human beings are concerned about their safety – thus, a slogan that plays to this emotion is much more likely to be remembered.  Obviously the slogan is not funny nor rhymes, but it gets the job done with an excellent informative approach and a great catchiness as well.

Catchiness – I admire the slogan for Butterfinger Candy Bards – Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger – You may not know what the product is; but I guarantee, that the potential buyer only has to read the slogan once, and they will not forget it – why?  Catchiness generally comes from rhyme and humor, this has both.  It insinuates consequences if someone touches your Butterfinger, obviously most potential buyers would not sue or fight over a candy bar – nonetheless, the thought of these actions are quite humorous.   The slogan also rhymes.  Rhyming words are much easier for the potential buyer to remember than non-rhyming words, the reason is in the development of semantics and the English language.  The mechanics of rhyme are not important to remember; but what is important to remember, is that when you are creating a slogan, if catchiness is your goal, drop a rhyme and humor and your slogan will be catchy.

Motivational – Addidas – Impossible is Nothing – Nike – Just do it – These companies are known all over the world for offering sports equipment.  Sports equipment comes from our desire to compete.  Our desire to compete comes from the desire to survive – thus a motivational slogan works GREAT here.  Just read the slogans, and tell me if you don’t want to get up from the computer and start moving / competing… Playing on primal habits with your slogan is a very easy way to sale a product and have your slogan remembers.

People often ask me; well once I create a slogan, what do I do with it?  Great question!  I encourage new companies to share their slogan with the world through their product branding, packaging, online ads, facebook, and promotional items such as pens, paper, magnets, koozies, etc.

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