John Edwards Psychic

Anderson Cooper has John Edwards on His TV Show

So, Anderson Cooper had a psychic on his TV show, Anderson, to do a reading for his mother (BTW his mother is like 150 some years old and looks like she is 35 – lots and lots of plastic surgery – but cute nonetheless).  John Edwards though took it pretty far for mainstream media – he started evoking the spirit of Marilyn Monroe – he must have thought I had 20 beers cold wrapped in personalized beer koozies to believe that.

I am not sure if you have ever seen this guy John Edwards but he is a riot.  He believes that he can evoke spirits and talk to people in the afterlife as almost a “vessel” that he allows to speak through him.  He often does this on live TV – and asks people from the audience who they want to speak with etc. Generally he asks leading questions and or vague questions.  It is pretty sad to watch, but hey – people love it – so show it anderson…

John Edwards and his Koozies

John Edwards and his Koozies

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