Hassle free holding with a Koozies

The embarrassment of spilling of cold drinks or beer on a person’s dress is one the worst phase one can get into. The soft drinks bottles and cans usually contain compressed gases, which attract dewdrops, and makes them wet. The wet bottles and cans can easily slip from a person’s hands and can spill over. Also the small kids who tend to feed upon milk in bottles, which is quite hot. This can also make some disgusting situations, as the kids may happen to get burns on their soft palms while holding the milk bottles. To avoid such mishaps, a covering usually made of foam or other absorbent materials is used. This is called as koozies. These are of several types and are used for several purposes.

Likebeer koozies is used to hold the beer bottles and helps to keep the hands of the person warm. These are usually given free of cost by the beer sellers or distributers. Can koozies are very much similar to the beer koozies. Can koozies are used to hold the cans of soft drinks and diet drinks. Personalized koozies and custom koozies are getting more popular. The wedding koozies and graduation koozies are a type of custom koozies and personalized koozies. The wedding koozies or the graduation koozies are used as a memento also. They help to preserve the moments of such auspicious moments. The zipper neoprene koozies are much comfortable and can accommodate a larger size of bottles or cans. The zipper neoprene koozies contain a zipper that makes them more spacious.

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