Foam Koozie

Foam Koozie – This Koozie, like all others, OBC offers to you like Burger King offers you a whooper – “Have it your way”. Feel free to customize this Koozie any way you see fit. The print surface of the koozie is a little larger and thus works well for large text designs, horizontal logos, and for anyone else who thinks bigger design = better koozie. The foam koozie is made out of 3/8 of an inch high durable foam that lasts a lifetime. Rest assured, this koozie can be bequeathed to your young ones in order to ensure their “beer chill” into their ripe old age. Traditionally, the Koozie works best for Cans but can also be used for most beer bottles. ***Note, advanced koozie users often choose the “double-bag” technique, whereby a fabric, neoprene, or collapsible koozie covers the “skin” of the bottle and the foam koozie covers it all.***

Foam Koozies work great for – Give-a-aways, Fund Raisers, Picnics, Kids SodaCans, and of course – any beer.

Foam Koozies colors

Foam Koozies are available in: Black, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Forest Green, Gray, Lime Green, Natural, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow


Foam Koozies prices

Quantity Ordered Price per koozie
25 – 50 $1.39
51 – 100 $1.34
101 – 300 $1.24
301 – 500 $1.19
501 – 750 $1.09
751 – 1000 $0.99
1001 – 2000 $0.89
2001 + $0.84
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Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
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