Custom Coozie

Custom Uniforms and Custom Coozies


So yesterday I had a league softball game.  As everyone knows softball is about two things… drinking and drinking more… Did I mention that we normally do not play softball but rather stand around, drink a beer, throw something, hit something, possibly run… to the keg…

Well anyways last night we were playing a team known as the convicts – yep the convicts… and they had something I had never seen.  First off, they had a cool ass pin striped jersey – second off they had koozies that matched their jersey.  I was blown away, they were getting drubk, having fun, showing team unity and all doing so in style!

So after the game, I asked them where I could get my own custom coozie and they told me about the OBC.  I checked out the OBC and liked what I saw.  You could buy all types of koozies, short koozies, tall koozies, pretty koozies, ugly koozies… I mean they had everything you would need to protect your beer chill and keep it looking cool, all at the same time.

I since have had  a love love relationship with koozies, so much so that I have now been working at the OBC for the better part of two years.  I am now helping young koozie loving fans, like I was that day back when I first layed eyes on the convict, get their own custom koozies. So dont wait, buy your koozies today – call me, chat me, write me, love me! Rock on!!!

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