Should We Keep It Plural or singular Coozies or Coozie?

So, people often come to the OBC and say hey can I get a Coozie or can I get some Coozies?  The truth be told, we do not sale just one Coozie.  Actually that is a lie, you can buy one Coozie but we will charge for the price of 25 and out of the goodness of our hearts, we will send all 25 to you.  So you can ask to buy a Coozie but we will most likely end up selling you Coozies.

So, rest assured it does not matter what you call it.  We will be happy to send you your koozie, coozie, koozy, or whatever you want to call it… and if you want to make it plural and buy some for your friends, we will happily print theirs as well.

Thanks and remember – stay covered party hard with Coozies from the OBC!

Collapsible Fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
Water Bottle Koozies