Collapsible Fabric Koozie


Collapsible Fabric is like McDonald’s French fries, economical and tasty. Whether you are a jet setting billionaire or a good old fashion beer loving American, the collapsible fabric koozie is loved by all. This is the most economical koozie that the OBC offers it fans. The koozie is constructed out of high grade 1/8 an inch fabric. The print surface is 2 inches x2 and ¾ inches. Trust me, it may not be the fanciest product we offer – but it more than gets the job done. And last but not least, the Koozie is great for transportation. It is collapsible and fits in your pocket – never leave home without it.

Collapsible Koozies are great for give-a-ways, weddings, graduation, birthday parties, tailgating and any “canned event”.

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Collapsible fabric koozie colors

Collapsible fabric koozies are available in the following colors: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Lime Green, Camouflage, Navy, Royal Blue, Purple, Fuschia, Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Burnt Orange, Yellow and White.


Collapsible fabric koozie prices


Quantity Ordered Price per koozie
25 – 50 $1.29
51 – 100 $1.24
101 – 300 $0.99
301 – 500 $0.89
501 – 750 $0.84
751 – 1000 $0.79
1001 – 2000 $0.69
2001 + $0.64
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