Cheap Personalized Wedding Koozies

Wedding Favors 

Two months left until my brother’s wedding! Cake has been ordered and the hall has been rented. The next task at hand was to find a cheap wedding favor for all the guests to take home. Since my brother and his Fiancé love beer I thought of maybe ordering Personalized Beer Kooziez and maybe even putting a picture of them on it. This way everyone can have a take home souvenir that they would be able to use time and time again! Since my brother and his Fiancé were both quite fond of the idea the next step was to find the Koozies at a cheap price. The other thing would be to find a place that has no minimum order  for the wedding is only going to have 25 people. So as I did my research online I found this great little website called which had everything I was looking for. Yay for me and Yay for the wedding favors.

Wedding Koozie Party Favors

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