Ruling the World A girl, A country and a Small Business Google changes and Qurans Burn Chels-o-rama Walk Away Sharrod! World cup Final – Bore-o-rama Ode to Koozies World Cup Reffing Blunders Anti-Icing Measures using a Koozie Proper Beer Storage

Ruling the World

29 Nov 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 13: The blackberry may quite possibly be one of the single most incredible inventions for entrepreneurs on the go.  It’s amazing how much work I can accomplish from my tiny little hand-held device.  I have all …


A girl, A country and a Small Business

21 Sep 2010~ girl, koozie central, Panama, Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog: Day 1 This blog will now be focusing on the writer’s experiences of being an entrepreneur in a non-entrepreunurially loving economic climate… in a foreign country. Panama City, Panama The headquarters of koozie central.  2 years into …


Google changes and Qurans Burn

07 Sep 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

So, I was scrolling through the news this morning and I stumble across a few interesting stories; google is making some changes and they plan on burning Qurans. I can believe it, now I am just waiting on them to tell me, I can have my custom koozies, personalized koozies, cheap koozies, or can koozies made any more.



01 Aug 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Paging all Clintonites – the monster wedding this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY, was quite a secretive affair – no cameras were allowed, top security was present at all events (including Secret Service). Juicy details of the prenup supposedly include a …


Walk Away Sharrod!

22 Jul 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

The recent firing and rehiring of Shirley Sharrod has been smeared all over the news lately.  Fox says that she has been inclined to walk away from the USDA’s meagre offer, but in a sober assessment she shouldn’t even consider …


World cup Final – Bore-o-rama

15 Jul 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

I was glued attentively to my TV with my family on Sunday watching the Cup final, sipping beer from my Spain koozie. But man, was I the only one who thought that the game was the slowest one in the …


Ode to Koozies

06 Jul 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Oh koozie, you insulating castle, enclosing my beverage, reducing my hassle. Sometimes I get up, from watching TV taking my beer to the kitchen with me. A replay draws me back to the couch, but my beer stays frosty in …


World Cup Reffing Blunders

28 Jun 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Of the past 5 World Cup games I’ve had the pleasure to watch, at four have been marred by something you rarely  see  in American sports – calls by officials that change the course of the game.  Anyone who saw …


Anti-Icing Measures using a Koozie

24 Jun 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

So as I’m sure you all know icing is sweeping the nation. I hadn’t heard of this ridiculous game before my buddy first sent me the link, then 3 hours later proceeded to come to my house and get me. …


Proper Beer Storage

23 Apr 2010~ Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Studies have shown that there is more to keeping beer cool than we may think! This complex, refreshing beverage has a lot going on in that 12 oz. glass bottle.   Everything from the type of pour  to temperature can …


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