Presenting: An Order Form My First Button Spammy Pammy Microsoft Excel vs. Me

Presenting: An Order Form

21 Feb 2011~ girl, koozie central, News, Technology ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 25: Hoorah!  This morning at 1am has officially launched its shiny, new order form!  Replacing the most recent 3rd version of the form, this 4th version promises functionality, a user-friendly feel and easy to read …


My First Button

08 Dec 2010~ Facebook, girl, koozie central, koozies, Technology ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 15: Little by little I’m starting to teach myself little ways that I can add to the blogs I manage.   Hurdle 1 was creating the blog post.  How best to write a blog post, how …


Spammy Pammy

12 Oct 2010~ Efficiency, koozie central, Personalized Koozies, Technology ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 5: The hurt… I really and truly do take offense to it! I am not spam. Please do not mark me internet “powers that be.” It feels like I need to go to a support group. …


Microsoft Excel vs. Me

10 Oct 2010~ girl, koozie central, Microsoft Excel, Technology, The 80's ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 3: My childhood was during an interesting brink in technology. My husband and I often marvel at how different our “growing up” experiences were in the few short years between not having a cell phone in …


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