Gettysburg Address And My Little Brother Working from Home A girl, A country and a Small Business

Gettysburg Address And My Little Brother

19 Nov 2010~ girl, koozie central, koozies, Panama, United States of America ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog Day 11: The Gettysburg address, perhaps one of the most well known speeches in the history of the United States of America.  Though it may not have been Independence Day it still makes me feel awfully patriotic …


Working from Home

24 Sep 2010~ Beer Koozies, girl, Panama ~ 1 Comment

Koozie Central Blog day 2:  This would perhaps be a lovely time to inform you readers out there that while this may be labeled “day 2” it is more so that there is a consecutive way of seeing the posts. …


A girl, A country and a Small Business

21 Sep 2010~ girl, koozie central, Panama, Uncategorized ~ No Comments

Koozie Central Blog: Day 1 This blog will now be focusing on the writer’s experiences of being an entrepreneur in a non-entrepreunurially loving economic climate… in a foreign country. Panama City, Panama The headquarters of koozie central.  2 years into …


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