Can Koozies

Beer – Can or Bottle – Good News – IT IS BEER!

So, you are wondering whether beer out of the can or the bottle is better… I got better news… you have beer!  I know, I know – people love to debate the bottle, keg, can, glass, theory – the truth is just be happy you have beer.  Koozies covering your beer are a huge plus but lets keep the game – simple – you have beer!

I cannot repeat that enough – now if you are a beer snob (like I am) than you probably have an opinion on what is best – Personally, I like keg beer above all else, then bottle beer, finally can beer – but I will be honest – if it is beer it is beer.  I like ALL BEER! And especially when covered by a cheap koozie

We at the OBC do no discriminate, if you need a koozie for your beer (whether it is a bottle koozie or a can koozie) we will be happy to oblige!

Is Beer Better From Kegs?

Is Beer Better From Kegs?

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