Can Koozies No Minimum Order

Can Koozies for All

Who would agree, can beer is a  must while on the boat?

Being from Florida, I learned this at a young age. Bottled beer although my personal preference is not a logical option for boat days; no one wants to worry about broken glass everywhere.  We always keep a fair share of can koozies on deck, for all our friends and family.

We like to order our koozies from the OBC because they offer no minimum order.  Thanks to them we have lime green (same lime green as the stripes on our boat) can koozies!  Everyone always complainments our koozie design and we love to show our boat off. You could say we are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY customers!!!!!!

Looking forward to the Summer, which here in Florida arrives a lot faster than most states.

                                               CHEERS to FLORIDA and KOOZIES!

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Collapsible Neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
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